Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Practising social cohesion

Thank you all for an amazing two days - it felt like one of those rare times when for once the university did not dominate and we all listened and I did feel for once things could go better if the world was just a bit more like our group.
I have been reading Sara Ahmed's Living a Feminist Life and she talks about 'practicing feminism'.
One of the things I realised in the two days is about 'practising social cohesion'.
You don't just do social cohesion - it is something practiced in the everyday.
I think about Patrick's conversations with Mubarak about how to solve some of the really serious issues in the City of Sheffield, and I learn this way about how to practice social cohesion, how to really listen, how to make sense of things.
There are a lot of things I don't know and this group is here to help surface hard things as well as really good things.
I liked it when we did the social cohesion exercise with Mike as it was a way of having quite difficult conversations but in a safe space.
This is our image:

It felt quite joyful too but within that image were also some hard things.
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate you all being in the project.

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