Thursday, 30 March 2017

My research Blog

I'm going to try and write a research blog for this project.  I'm not expecting people to read it but I thought I would make it public so it feels less like the tree that falls in the forest that nobody sees or hears fall.  so here is the link I am going to write once a week and it will be, as is my way, very much around the houses.

In terms of our project at the playground we are taking a bit of stock and waiting for a bit of sun.  I'm going to work with Patrick at the playground most Tuesdays and we are going to build sopme kind of a platform which will be real and metaphorical.

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  1. Thanks for this Steve. I am going on the blog as it is my way of finding out about the project. Mubarak might join you soon as we skyped on Tuesday and the meeting was great and I think that is the plan.