Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Community Cohesion in action

Just popped into the adventure playground today and it's full of activity.  I think it's really important to ask questions sometimes about why things work but also it's important to not let these questions get in the way of letting things actually work. Walking up the hill today and seeing the power of play and family to cut through  some of the things we might feel  divide us.  One of the things that feels important in this project is not to take things for granted or to make things seem better than they actually are.  Some of the arts organisations and artists have a tendency to do this as it's how we continue to get funding but in some ways it is counterproductive .  I can't claim much credit when it comes down to what the playground actually does.  Some bales of hay a blue plastic sheet and a hosepipe on a sunny day is as effective as any art project I can think of at getting a good vibe going and staff that get stuck in and have great time with the kids - this picture does not do justice to the place but it does look pretty cool