Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Thinking space

This blog is a thinking space and is about reflecting as well as doing.
We did a presentation for ARVAAC yesterday about the project and it went really well - lots of community workers were there and academics.
In conversation with Patrick, Katy and Steve Yesterday and with ARVAC, our partner, we had some interesting thoughts. This prompted me to think about the following issues:


One thing that might be helpful is to think through these issues:

1. How is co-production working in your project?
2. How are arts methodologies being used in your project - conceptually, instrumentally or to create a new object?
3. What issues are arising around roles and responsibilities in the project?
4. What issues are arising around ethics in the project? and
5. Whose knowledges are surfacing in the project?

It would be really good if people had the time to post some thoughts about this


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